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Life in Balance Coaching

Single Session and Courses

Partnership Coaching

For singles and pairs

Emotional Peace (EFT-Emotionel-Freedom-Technics)

Energetic Psychology

We offer you:

Personality analysis

Life planning / Future planning

Life Coaching and Mental Training

Partnership consulting and coaching

Emotional peace EFT

Meditational journeying
Relaxation – Chakra balancing

Reiki –Healing

Quantum Touch

Fitness and Vitality with balanced Nutrition and correct breathing

Stress Control


Communication without Force


We help you find solutions when your life in a partnership does not function,
when Differences or possibly Speechlessness are prevalent

We counsel you and give you the possibility to move from this crisis into a happy and harmonious life.

Our Partnership-Coaching in Crisis situations is supporting, counseling and …. , to develop a chance for the partnership through the crisis.

To find and develop solutions together, which are acceptable to both partners, even when they seem opposite.

There is still Love, let us remember…and work on it.

Like some help?

Here you will find friendly and professional help.

25 years experience of healing and providing alternative Therapies and coaching.

Fears and Blockages

Who does not have them?  And how do we get rid of them?

Simply with Energetic Psychology. 
EFT offers serious possibilities to successfully treat Fears and Blockages.

EFT is a technique used in “Energetic Psychology”.  It uses specific Acupuncture points to resolve emotional disturbances.

Become healthier and a whole person-removing the baggage that has held you back from achieving your goals.

Understand and come to terms, with your inner self.

Create positive life changes and control stress and negativity.

If you have difficulties or just want to change your position in life ….


You can combine your vacation / holiday and our complete program.

We look forward to your participation and a wonderful time together.

Ihr Life in Balance Team 

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